Tai Chi in Papanui, Kaiapoi and Rangiora

Tai Chi and Qigong exercises create balance and strength by relaxing and being aware of natural movement. Tai Chi is for everyone wanting to move well through life by creating good habits. Tai chi classes are small (up to 15) allowing for individual attention and being able to see the teacher. Exercises are in sitting, standing and moving forms. Please wear comfortable clothing and flat shoes (Shoes that don't tip you forward when on your toes).


Enrolments during the term are welcome if there is space. If you pay by the term you can come to other classes if you have missed yours. Many people start by coming casually and then paying the remainder to enrol for the term.  I prefer a three class commitment if coming casually to gain confidence with co-ordination.  Please specify why this may not be possible when enrolling (for example, if you have health issues).    Please click on the venue you are interested in on the left hand side of this page.    
Evening class at Papanui on Wednesday.   I'm also  running half days weekend sessions.


Some social events will be organised for the end of the term.  if you are starting next term you are welcome to come along and bring your questions.  See you there.


Papanui Monday  7th October  Coffee Club  Northlands  12.30

Kaiapoi Thursday  Port and Eagle    Thursday 10th October   11.50

Rangiora  Tuesday   Fusion Cafe    Tuesday 8th October  12.00