9.30 intermediate  (2 spaces available)

10.40 experienced  (2 spaces available)

12.45pm beginners  (10 spaces available)

still 1pm till the end of term

Term starting Tuesday 23 July

yin yang tree

The beginners class this term will focus on the yang 8 form. The intermediate will focus on the sun style and the chen 4 while including the yang 8. The experienced class focus on the yang long form and includes the sun style.   There are limited places in Rangiora at the moment so please enrol.


Venue: Rangiora Scout Den    30 Church St Rangiora.


$10 pay casually 
$80 for 12 weeks 
$120 for 2 classes per week 


Please enrol by emailing theteam@taichiwell.co.nz   Please tell me which class you would like to enrol in and any questions you may like to discuss.
bank account 12 3236 0066683  000

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