One on One

8c5c3265a4a34e0e01725a3a0c418cb3 740x580Give yourself the opportunity to grow with a 1 to 1 session. Working Indiivually will get you where you want to go faster


Chose specific themes to optimise your wellbeing in private sessions for one or two people

A personal assesment is a good start before you continue with a weekly class.

Short sessions or  a day long retreat tailored to your needs.

Reasons, why you would want a one-on-one session:


  • You are not confident about coming to a class. 
  • You would like to get an assessment - What exercises will work for you?
  • You have specific issues with posture, pain or your health
  • You have low energy levels or want to improve your life.
  • You have specific questions


The first session comes with an assessment.

Before we start, we explore together what you'd like to achieve, or which exercises you would like to learn, and create a plan:

  • How many sessions are requird and the exercises we will focus on
  • Which exercises or practices are most suitable for you
  • How much time you are willing to invest practicing at home
  • Which goal you want to achieve and a time frame
  • You will get a handout after the session. So you can review the exercises.
  • One-to-one lessons to refine your movements, posture and breathing.
  • If you have practiced Tai Chi or Qigong for a while, it is great to get personal feedback. Even if you attend classes, Rose can give you an assessment to help refine your personal practise.

You will receive a handout to continue at home on your own.

In each class or workshop everyone will receive postural refinements. In this regard a private session will enhance personal development tremendously.  Rose has over 35 years experience in tai chi and qigong. She has a masters degree in psychology and a particular interest in stress management. Working individual will bring you quickly to the results we are looking for.


One session can give lot's of answers to your questions or problems.


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Pricing for 1-on-1 session:

One and a half hour for the initial consultation   $80      
Continuing one hour sessions $60
Day Long Retreat   $300 or $250 if you bring a friend