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When i was in my twenties I had a brain injury from being in a car accident. This affected my balance and co-ordination creating some real difficulties in being able to walk. I have found Tai Chi and Qigong just fabulous for increasing and maintaining my ability to move. Rose is very knowledgeable and I am impressed by the subtlities of the forms that we learn. I practise everyday.          Trish DeHaan
I started learning Tai Chi after having a hip replacement and it has been so helpful in dealing with pain and getting back on my feet faster . I always feel really relaxed after going to Tai Chi.  To me it feels more relaxing than having a massage         Joy S
When I first started learning tai chi I could hardly walk. I was able to turn this around and  I can even walk to class. John


I recently had a stressful time with the insurance company and my blood pressure shot up.  I decided to do some Tai Chi.  When i went to the doctor's an hour later my blood pressure was normal.   Tony