Why Tai Chi

The Many Benefits of Tai Chi

e298925e9635f3547b6e1a095845c519Tai Chi's slow and graceful movements have been developed over centuries and has now been richly researched as a way of helping with a multitude of physical and emotional conditions including preventing falls.

Tai Chi is about letting go and having the time to be aware of your body, to have the time to experience a joy of being. This create great transfer value to how you move in everyday life with awareness of balance, posture, while creating ease and grace.

Below are what could be considered the 10 top benefits

1. Balance: Tai Chi movements are slow and steady, shifting from one side to the other while coordinating upper body movements. These movements give feedback in a variety of situations about where balance lies and reduces the risk of falling which is particularly useful as one ages.

2. Strength and Endurance: Research shows that individuals who practiced Tai Chi at least 3 times a week on a regular basis increase strength and performance levels.

3. Flexibility: In tai chi the range of movements helps improve flexibility in every joint creating the ability to flow freely. The ability to get into flow is central to living a pain free life and can help mitigate the effects of past injuries.

4.Posture: Grace and poise are natural states and the ability to listen to our bodies helps develop and maintain good posture.

5.Chronic Illness prevention: Helps in the reduction of chronic illnesses like heart disease, blood pressure, arthritis, digestive disorders, depression and many others.

6 Improves coordination: Tai Chi Intergrates our breathing, structure and movement which can challenge us to expand our ability to be co-ordinated. This can help help our brain development and reduce learning difficulties (dyslexia) and maintain brain function (lower dementia).

7.Regulates the respiratory system: Breathing is central to the flow of Tai Chi. The relaxed and deep breathing helps treat respiratory alignments such as asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema.

8. Aerobic Capacity: helps improve one’s lung capacity giving the benefits of more aerobic exercise like jogging.

9. Relaxation: The mellow rhythmic movements and breathing creates a focus away from our hectic life and can be grounding. The ability to relax is thought to be central to the many benefits of Tai Chi

10. Economical. Tai chi is a complete package that efficiently uses energy and can achieve what you would get from mindfulness and more vigorous exercise. this can be particularly beneficial as we age