Healing Genie


3rd August         

AT Hohepa  ....The Artemis Space                   

23 Barrington St

9am to 5pm

Investment:   $120

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Bringing Fundamental Tools of Regeneration 


There are many fundamental lifestyle choices found to reverse dis-ease and bring peace of mind.  In this one day workshop we will explore the basics of breath, relaxation, flow visualisation, connection and wholesome food for your regeneration.  Stretch your body and mind.   Change your gene expression and use your natural body resources to become your own healing genie



9.00 Yoga

10.15   Morning Tea

10.30 Moving Meditations including the Wudang Five animals qigong and rolling the spine

11.30 Yoga Nidra    

12.00  Complimentary wholesome Vegan lunch

130 Light Compass Healing session targeting specific energies around breathing freely 

2.30 Yoga

3.30 Afternoon Tea

3.45 Moving Meditations including the Wudang Five Animals Qigong and Rolling the Spine



The fusion of the traditional with the modern is to help the energy flow to the organs and along the governing meridian  (the meridian that runs along the back creating an integration of the energies in the body).   The Light Compass energy session will clear energies through the governing meridian that are specific to this class


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Includes complimentary wholesome vegan lunch and a complimentary 21 day renew nutrition challenge or $30 discount on a full renewme nutrition plan.  When enrolling please specify whether you would like to join us for lunch and participate in the challenge. Please indicate whether you would like the challenge to be vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or omnivore.  The Plan is specific to you and your greatest vulnerabilities.


Please bring a flat shoes, a yoga mat,  a blanket and anything else that would be helpful in being comfortable

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 The workshop is being run by Rose Gaia  (M.A.) and May Sunshine (Phd). Rose  brings over 25 years of experience in teaching moving meditations and her unique energy changing styles as well as her intuitive nutrition work.  Rose is like a light computer identifying quickly what will work for you and also works with your own energies to create change at the  very base of your being.  


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Dr Sunshine comes from the beautiful city of Puna, India and yoga is in her DNA.  So much so that she trained as a teacher in this beautiful art and would like to share her extensive experience with you.   May has just completed her Phd examining the relationship of hormones to poly cystic ovarian syndrome and mood.





14 spaces available.   Complimentary 21 day nutrition challenge available if enrolled by the 31st July.  

Enrolments confirmed by paying $120 to the bank account  12 3236 0066683 000